Monday, August 31, 2009

Zatanna #2 - Aug. 2005

"A Book in the Beginning" by Grant Morrison, Ryan Sook, an Mick Gray.

The Phantom Stranger pulled double-duty, crossover event-wise, appearing simultaneously in "Day of Vengeance" as well as Grant Morrison's "Seven Soldiers of Victory" multi-book storyline.

At the end of the issue, the Phantom Stranger makes an unusually friendly appearance:
Also to be continued!


Bribaby said...

We're almost through 2005 already? Where did the time go? What happens when the past catches up with the present? (Sorta sounds like a question the Stranger would ask.)

RC said...

I love the stranger's entrance line here..."Did somebody use a sentence involving the word 'stranger?'" Also like that he shows up with the bread alluded to earlier in the issue, rather than in his usual voice of doom role. A great use of Cassandra--notice she's been wearing the Stranger's medallion the whole time-- that implies the two of them still have a relationship. All in all makes me wish for a Morrison PS mini series.

Will K. said...

I'm imagining the Stranger at a supermarket checkout line digging through his pockets for a coupon and it's making me smile like an idiot.

Jacob T. Levy said...

I also love that, for the first time ever, Cassandra was allowed to change clothes.

Even if he'd never written anything else, this issue would earn Grant Morrison my undying affection.

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