Friday, August 21, 2009

JLA-Z #3 - Jan. 2004

I somehow missed this series when it came out in late 2003, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Sure, its just a collection of pin-ups (maybe it was the then-high $2.50 price tag that kept me away), but there are some really nice pieces in here, like this of the Phantom Stranger by Chris Jones and Mick Gray:
sg addition, there's a Martian Manhunter pin-up by Paul Rivoche, Metron by Eric Wight, Plastic Man by Scott Morse, The Weaponers of Qward by Jerry Ordway, and more!

1 comment:

LissBirds said...

Nice pinup of the Phantom Stranger...I've never heard of JLA-Z before and I'm going to go looking for that title.

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