Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Justice League: Another Nail #3 - 2004

"Book Three" by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer.

This final issue of the series is where all hell breaks loose (as the cover indicates), and you know its bad when The Phantom Stranger actually steps in:
sg the end, one hero (I won't say who) sacrifices their lives to save the Universe.

When the Stranger says something to the effect that saving the Universe was not his goal--rather, it was to end the suffering of one person's soul--Wonder Woman gets mad and demands more answers, but the Stranger ignores her and takes a powder.

He probably went back to Madame Xanadu's place. I know I would.


Unknown said...

Thus ends a very enjoyable mini. I wish Davis had done more DC work & Stranger work. I like the way he draws the Stranger, reminds me of Jim Aparo. All in all, I enjoyed the Nail/Another Nail minis.

Jacob T. Levy said...

And it gets the Stranger's role and tone right, too. That exchange with Wonder Woman is one of my favorite Stranger moments of the 2000s.

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