Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dr. Fate (Vol.3) #1 - Oct. 2003

"The Curse" by Christopher Golden, Don Kramer, and Prentis Rollins.

All of DC's magi were getting their own books again, except for the Stranger! Luckily for us, he could pop up in any and all of them simultaneously.

Dr. Fate takes a "look" into the lives of DC's other magical characters:
...the Stranger, for his part, warns Dr. Fate to back off!

By the way: this issue's superb cover is by artist Paul Rivoche. Too bad he doesn't do more comic work, I love his stuff.

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RC said...

Is that King Mob to the right of Constantine? I wonder if he realizes he's in the same universe as Dr. Fate?

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