Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Batman: Gotham Adventures #33 - Feb. 2001

"World Without Batman" by Ed Brubaker, Brad Rader, and John Lowe.

Batman goes to visit the grave of his parents, and, in a moment of doubt and vulnerability, questions wonder what could have happened if they hadn't been killed that night.

Fortunately(?), he gets to see the answer to that question, with the help of...The Phantom Stranger!
The Stranger does the whole "It's A Wonderful Life" bit, showing Batman what would have happened to all his friends if he had never been created that awful night.

Its not pretty--young Tim Drake is a henchman for the Joker, for instance--eventually leading Bruce to realize that the world is, in fact, better off for having a Batman.

Note: This is the Phantom Stranger's debut in the alternate "JLUverse" of the DC Universe.


Russell said...

I came across this issue in some special 50c bin and the cover looked interesting, so I picked it up. I was pleasantly surprised to find it included the Phantom Stranger. :-)

RC said...

Has the stranger ever appeared in animated for? I keep hoping he'll turn up in the Brave and the Bold.

Will K. said...

Good news, RC!:

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