Monday, August 3, 2009

Totems #1 - 2000

"Totems" by Tom Peyer, Duncan Fegredo, Richard Case, and Dean Ormston.

Totems is a goofy one-shot featuring all the various Vertigo stars (the more DCU-oriented ones, at least) all getting together for a party.

The story focuses on a guy named Dave, who has all sorts of troubles and ends up working as a waiter at the party. At one point, he bumps into The Phantom Stranger, who has typically cryptic words for him:
Unfortunately, after this the story revolves around Swamp Thing, Zatanna, Animal Man, Cliff Steele, and Black Orchid, with the Stranger nowhere to be seen.

Oh well--he never was the social type.

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Will K. said...

Totems was a neat enough concept with a terrible execution.

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