Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hellblazer #195 - June 2004

"Out of Season" by Mike Carey and Leonardo Manco.

There's some nasty stuff going on in this issue--stabbings, electrocutions, a demon dripping blood out of his mouth--but amid all that, the Phantom Stranger calmly walks into the proverbial lion's den and demands an audience with a comely demon:
...the Stranger actually warns this chick that he is watching, and that she should know that. Then he dissolves into thin air.

Our hero's got guts!


Will K. said...

"If you stand in my way, I will walk through you. And if you demand my name, I will speak it -- to your cost."

I really like this little appearance. I think it gives us a great demonstration on the kinds of things the Stranger gets up to. This isn't playing counsel to some confused superhero; it's some high stakes stuff. And I think it speaks depths for the character's unwritten history and notoriety that he can barge into a place like that and leave unscathed.

M W Gallaher said...

Is this it? The long-awaited point where the cape and turtleneck really, truly, finally makes its "permanent" comeback? Up to now, it seems like Vertigo has been the last refuge of the trenchcoated Stranger (see previous chronological appearance!), but now he's wearing the high collar in Hellblazer...

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