Monday, August 17, 2009

Impulse #87 - Aug. 2002

"Crisis on Impulse's Earth, Part 2" by Todd Dezago, Carlo Barberi, and Greg Adams.

The Phantom Stranger makes a classic, very Phantom Stranger-ish guest appearance in Impulse, an unlikely book for him to appear in:
...he mostly just stands back and narrates the story (see? classic!), but at the mid-way point he does step in:
He ends up battling the evil magic version of Impulse that resides inside the real Impulse's body. At the end, Impulse thanks him, and speeds off before the Stranger is done talking.

The kid shows no respect for the Phantom Stranger!

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Dixon said...

To be fair, the impatient Impulse had little respect to spare in general, and he just couldn't bear to sit through any long winded speeches. He ran out on even the fastest man alive himself on more than one occasion. All this is to say that the Phantom Stranger shouldn't take it personally!

It's great to see the Phantom Stranger rendered in Carlo Barberi's cartoonish Impulse style! Cartoonish, yes, but the character still retains such an ominous and imposing air of mystery! That says something.

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