Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Who's Who (Vol.2) #8 - April 1991

DC's Who's Who series gets another go round, and instead of traveling alphabetically through the DCU, they hopped around this time.

So in this eighth issue, The Phantom Stranger gets a new listing, written by Mark Waid and drawn by Kieron Dwyer and George Freeman:
...I like that DC has height and weight statistics for The Phantom Stranger. Someone must have weighed him during the Kupperberg/Mignola mini-series!

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Unknown said...

While I preferred DC's original WHo's Who, there were some good things about this version. One full page of art, one full page of recap.
I remember getting this issue and being disappointed. PS, Captain Comet, John Stewart (before his rise in popularity), Raven and we get that pasty face KISS reject Lobo on the cover? UGH! Lobo... DC what were you thinking?

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