Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Secret Origins #32 - Nov. 1988

"All Together Now" by Keith Giffen, Peter David, and Eric Shanower.

This issue features the ret-conned origin of the Justice League, superbly told by Mssrs. Giffen, David, and Shanower.

At the end, as our heroes bask in the glow in the formation of the team, they wonder:
sg you can see, there's The Phantom Stranger, amid all the other JLA members.

I wonder what he thought of JLA Detroit?


Unknown said...

I'll bet the Phantom Stranger stayed away from JLD on purpose. :)

You know, I don't think I had ever heard of Eric Shanower before (or since), but I thought his art was spot on here.

Russell said...

Yeah, I wasn't too hot on the whole ret-conned JLA (Dinah taking Diana's place) but for what it was, this (and JLA Year One, later) were very well told and drawn stories.

Speaking of which, did The Phantom Stranger appear during JLA Year One? I want to say yes....?

Unknown said...

I think the Stranger was in a crowd scene in JLA: Year 1, but that's just my half memory at 7.18 AM. I could very well be wrong. I'm pretty sure he didn't show up as a major character like he used to. Which was a shame, I was hoping he would. Maybe see the first time PS worked with the JLA and we see how come they trust him so much.

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