Friday, April 3, 2009

Action Comics Weekly #632 - Dec. 1988

"Cat and Mouse Chapter II" by Paul Kupperberg and Fred Carrillo.

The Phantom Stranger's old foe Tannarak has resurfaced once more:
The Stranger and Tannarak's battle carries them outside, across the city, ending up in the Bronx Zoo.

Cassandra Craft and Dr. Thirteen follow, which causes problems for the Stranger, distracting him while he's trying to keep Tannarak from completing his spell:
To be continued!


Jacob T. Levy said...

So much fun stuff (Cassandra telling Dr 13 to kindly shut up!) and so much odd stuff (the Stranger and Tannarak *flying*, the endless reiterationof the idea that the Stranger served Order like Dr. Fate).

hcg said...

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