Thursday, April 16, 2009

Captain Atom #42 - June 1990

"The Long Journey Home" by Cary Bates, Greg Weisman, Rafael Kayanan, and Romeo Tanghal.

Having never read the Captain Atom title, I'm not exactly sure what the lead up to this is, but it seems as though the good captain has died!

And of course, when you visit the other side, The Phantom Stranger is there to meet you:
...he shows up at the end of the issue, too, (along with Death and The Black Racer!), to inform Captain Atom he has to take on Nekron, Lord of the Unliving! Gee, thanks Stranger!


Phantom Stranger said...

Thanks, I was completely unaware the Phantom Stranger had appeared here. This blog has certainly made me more cognizant of the numerous cameos he made.

Jacob T. Levy said...

Noteworthy about this issue: this appearance of Death was unapproved and disliked by Gaiman. It contributed both to Death's soliloquy about her job in the Element Girl issue, and to Gaiman working out an understanding with DC that the Endless (besides Destiny, who he didn't create) wouldn't appear without his approval.

Andrew Rubio said...

That's not entirely true. Neil Gaiman had this to say:

"I just felt it confused things — she wasn’t an “aspect” of Death. She was Death. When one day Nekron or the Black Racer stops existing, she’ll be there to take them.

If the script or lettered comic had been run by me back then I would have noticed the continuity issues and corrected them. As it was, it wasn’t a big deal: it was a fine comic as far as it went, but it tried to shoehorn Death into DC Continuity and got it wrong. So I clarified matters in Sandman 20."

You can read about the whole subject at:

Eyz said...

Very fine blog you have there Stranger fan :)

And thanks for putting this out clear Andrew Rubio. I've never been much clear on all this deal with Death and her appearance in the above comic. Thanks for the link!

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