Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Action Comics Weekly #634 - Jan. 1989

"Cat and Mouse Chapter IV" by Paul Kupperberg and Fred Carrillo.

The Phantom Stranger now faces Tannarak, Tala, and Tannarak's beastly minion:
A hole in the sky opens up, above the Empire State Building.

As Dr. Thirteen forces his way inside, The Stranger has to fight off the three villains, as well as deal with The Lords of Chaos.

The beast attacks the Stranger, spilling some of his blood, which in turn helps the beast grow larger, and the Lords of Chaos more powerful.

But Dr. Thirteen arrives, and attacks Tannarak and Tala with nothing more than a broom(!). He knocks them out of the way, and chases the beast over the ledge with it. Even Thirteen can't believe it: "Son of a gun. It worked."

The Stranger faces off with Tannarak again, and:
Nice to see the Stranger back with Cassandra (the real one, this time), and Dr. Thirteen actually help the Stranger out, instead of just being his usual jerk.


Bribaby said...

Gosh, to think I would ever be nostalgic for the time when you could buy a comic book for $1.50.

Jacob T. Levy said...

I'm a total sap for those last two panels. Even though you *know* it can't last and that the Stranger will wander off again. I'd been waiting a long time for that particular payoff, and just couldn't bring myself to worry about whether it works in character terms.

I like to think that it's still in the continuity of the characters as we see them in Seven Soldiers: Zatanna.

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