Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Animal Man #23 - May 1990

"Crisis" by Grant Morrison, Chas Truog, and Doug Hazlewood.

The Phantom Stranger escorts Buddy as he travels through time, and he sits him down with some friends:
sg this issue, Morrison also manages to work in Psycho Pirate, The Crime Syndicate, Prince Ra-Man, and others. Don't read these issues if you're going to be driving afterwards.

And I have to say something about the cover: its one of my all-time favorite Brian Bolland covers (and that's saying something!): you've got Animal Man, The Phantom Stranger, Binky, two sexy girls, plus Go-Go Checks! What more could you ask for?


Richard said...

Probably my single favorite appearance of the Stranger...and let's be honest, one of my favorite comics issues of all time.

Bribaby said...

Oh wow, a Binky homage cover. Love it. Nostalgia's been going on for a long time, it seems.

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