Thursday, April 9, 2009

Action Comics Weekly #636 - Jan. 1989

"All That Jazz" by Paul Kupperberg and Andy Kubert.

Having faced off Tannarak, Tala, and The Lords of Chaos, The Phantom Stranger needed a little break. So for this story, he resumes his role as more of a watchful guardian:
Ezra seems haunted by the music, and feels guilt that his father made a fortune selling the music of Loblow Jones, while he lives the life of a poor man.

Outside their home, Ezra and his wife see Loblow Jones playing, drawing all of the children out of their homes in a zombie-like trance!

Ezra demands Jones stop, but he doesn't. He grabs his rifle, but before things can go any further, the Stranger steps in and tells Jones to stop.

Jones doesn't listen, and for a moment overwhelms the Stranger with his magical sounds. As the Stranger lay on the street, Jones and the kids wander off.

But the Stranger isn't out for the count yet:
A nice change of pace, coming as it does after the four-parter. Andy Kubert's art is effective here, and a good match for the subject matter.

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