Friday, April 24, 2009

The Books of Magic #1 - 1991

"The Invisible Labyrinth" by Neil Gaiman and John Bolton.

The Phantom Stranger, Dr. Occult, Mister E, and John Constantine meet to discuss a young boy named Harry Pot--er, Tim Hunter:
...the Stranger plays a huge role in this issue, escorting Tim through various planes of existence and having him embrace the world of magic.

A great series, with superb characterization by Gaiman (of course), exquisitely rendered by John Bolton.


Unknown said...

Total agreement here Rob, from the Harry Po to the comments about Gaiman & Bolton.

I was always surprised that DC didn't have any legal action against Mrs Rowlings over this. The more I heard about Potter, the more I could only think she read this series. But I'm not Potter scholar and that's just my opinion.

Russell said...

I, too, came across Tim Hunter before I had heard of Harry Potter. I don't know the chronology, but it was interesting that they both appeared at about the same time.

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