Friday, March 27, 2009

What The--?! #2 - Sept. 1988

"Doctor Deranged" by Peter B. Gillis and Phil Foglio.

The Phantom Stranger made another trip--sort of--to the Marvel Universe in their short-lived humor comic. In this story, Dr. Strange, sick of dealing with the denizens of the Marvel Universe, tries to find a new home, like perhaps over at another company:
...I remember really liking the What The--?! title, thinking it was pretty funny. A second glance at this issue confirms that--it was a pretty funny book.

For some reason, humor comics just don't sell anymore, especially ones spoofing superheroes. Maybe most comics fans just don't like their comics of choice being spoofed, no matter how well done.


Unknown said...

I remember What The..?? foundly as well Rob. It started out great but IMO by the later issues had run out of steam. The first few issues were great though.
Side note, did anyone else catch Zatanna on "Smallville" last night? Holy Cow did the actress look just like what I thought Zatanna would look like.

Brian said...

I loved that series. Just a couple of weeks ago I managed to complete my collection of it in the dollar box at a comic book collection, and this comic was one of the ones I snagged. I wish Marvel would put this one out in an Essential format, but I don't think that will ever happen.

hcg said...

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