Friday, March 20, 2009

The Spectre (Vol.2) #11 - Feb. 1988

"Housewarming Party" by Doug Moench, and Gray Morrow.

As if The Phantom Stranger wasn't busy enough dealing with Eclipso, Lycaon, and the destruction of the world over in his own mini-series, he found time to do another guest appearance in The Spectre, along with his fellow supernatural heroes:
...others get involved, like Zatanna, Madame Xanadu, The Enchantress, Baron Winters (via a terse phone call to the Stranger), and of course, Deadman:
...this story ends with seven fatalities, which the Stranger refers to as "Seven new ones, although quite old, for me to escort." A Stranger's work is never done!

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Unknown said...

I always liked the comment by the Seven-Headed Apparition "We do not terrify them. I suspect very little could terrify them." I kind of made me laugh but also showed the level of power that the Spectre, Dr Fate & The Stranger had. Good stuff!

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