Monday, March 30, 2009

Action Comics Weekly #617 - Sept. 1988

"Channel Switching" by Paul Kupperberg, Joe Orlando, and Fred Carrillo.

Longtime Phantom Stranger editor Joe Orlando took over the pencilling chores for this installment of The Phantom Stranger:
The being known as Ky'lhorr doesn't believe what he's seeing, thinking its all trickery. He fights off the Stranger well enough that he has time to escape, and hit the streets.

The Stranger keeps trying to calm him down, and finally manages to get ahead of Ky'lhorr, and via his magic the Stranger becomes aware of the terrible curse put upon him by a sorcerer eons ago:
...a bit of an abrupt ending, I think this story maybe needed one more page to be fully fleshed out. In any case, it was neat seeing the Joe Orlando drawing The Phantom Stranger...for the second, and last, time.


Paul Kupperberg said...

Gotta love the Orlando! And Fred Carrillo didn't suck either! :)

Mark A. Nickles said...

I love Orlando's work. In fact, I recently acquired an original art page from this Action story on Ebay for a song. Made my month.

hcg said...

Very exclusive photo and article thanks for sharing.

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