Sunday, March 15, 2009

Millennium #8 - Nov. 1987

"The Rising and Advancing of Ten Spirits" by Steve Englehart, Joe Staton, and Ian Gibson.

After the Crisis and Legends, the yearly crossover had become a yearly event in the DC Universe.

After getting a little more to do in Legends, The Phantom Stranger plays essentially no role in Millennium--its really just a one-panel cameo:
...and that's it for The Phantom Stranger in Millennium!

This issue came out during the run of the Phantom Stranger mini-series, but since I don't want to interrupt our look at that fine series, I'm slotting in this book today, a little out of sync with our timeline.

But as I said before, what's a little thing like time to The Phantom Stranger?

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Anonymous said...

"Millenium" kind of gets dumped on today, but I can remember buying it and reading it during my first major post-college job and enjoying it and being impressed by the quality of the characterization and overall writing. And now, what's happend to those characters? Who remembers it?
Somewither, somebody does. Perhaps some Stranger.

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