Thursday, March 5, 2009

History of the DC Universe #2 - Feb. 1987

"The History of the DC Universe, Book Two" by Marv Wolfman and George Perez.

As a way to explain just what the heck Officially Happened in the DCU post-Crisis, Marv Wolfman and George Perez produced this two book encyclopedia of big events.

Surprisingly, The Phantom Stranger got a page all to himself:
...there's another little surprising nugget thrown in there, and that's the idea that The Phantom Stranger watched over young Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, and Arthur Curry as they grew into adulthood.

It's a nice touch, and one that instantaneously gives the Stranger a more important role in the DCU. Cool!

sgAround this time, DC produced a truly all-star "jam" poster that came with (I think) a hardcover edition of History of the DC Universe.

It featured all the biggest stars of the DCU, drawn by (in many cases) the artist associated with the creation character or simply the most famous for drawing them--Curt Swan on Superman, Bob Kane on Batman, Carmine Infantino on Flash etc.

Thankfully, The Phantom Stranger was included on the poster, drawn by none other than Jim Aparo! Click the thumbnail to see the poster in all its glory.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting and striking choice to "white out" the Stranger's cape like that.
And I've always wondered if that linked-chain-cross-hairs design element wasn't some sort of homage to dear old Cassandra. Isn't it kind of reminiscent of the belt she wore?

Garnet said...

That poster's weird. Rorschach's standing off to one side, clearly (and rightly) wondering what he's doing there. And then there's Chop-Chop. Who the eff drew Chop-Chop in there? And you know it's some troublemaking artist; it's not like there was a DC directive saying he had to be in.

meltabs online said...

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