Sunday, March 22, 2009

Action Comics Weekly #613 - July 1988

"Can't Judge A Book..." by Paul Kupperberg, Tom Grindberg, and Dennis Janke.

This story opens up with a grim warning of future events:
Meanwhile, The Phantom Stranger is enjoying a night out with his new pal Bruce Gordon, including taking in a Woody Allen film:
The Stranger sees the newspaper's strange headline, and wants to read more about it.

Soon after, we see another incident occur, in California, and the news of it reaches the Stranger's ears. While he is pondering these events, he senses someone at the door, and on the other side its a man named Daniel Gleason, an occult fiction writer who needs help in dealing with a strange situation
The Stranger is alarmed at the emanations he felt coming from the book, and demands to know what the incantation is that is in the book. Gleason speaks it out loud, which brings forth something terrible:
To be continued!

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