Monday, March 23, 2009

Action Comics Weekly #614 - July 1988

"Death God" by Paul Kupperberg, Tom Grindberg, and Brett Breeding.

Continued from last issue, the Stranger is face-to-face with a Mayan Death God named Ah Puch:
The Stranger, physically decimated by Ah Puch, is tossed into the water below with nary a thought.

As these strange attacks continue via the book, the Stranger learns his suffering is not yet over:

The Stranger is attacked by the souls of the dead who are under Puch's power, but the Stranger fights back. Since they are not at fault, merely under the control of Puch, he takes pains not to harm them too much.

He hurls himself out of the water, with Ah Puch chasing him. They battle furiously, and the Stranger feels overwhelmed.

But he shoots a tiny beam of light into Ah Puch's head, inside of which Daniel Gleason resides
...the end.

I love the last three panels of this page, where with a snap of his fingers, the Stranger's hat and cloak return.

After the goofiness of the first story by Kupperberg and Baker, this one is a more traditional Stranger tale, and yet both worked equally well. Paul Kupperberg had what I thought was a good handle on the character.

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