Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wonder Woman (Vol.2) #108 - April 1996

"Lifelines, Part Four" by John Byrne.

Finally, Wonder Woman, The Phantom Stranger, and the Demon are all on the same page, so they team-up to take on Morgan Le Fay once and for all:
...of course, they prevail, leaving the Stranger to help out to clean-up the loose ends:
This was a fun storyline, and I especially liked how John Byrne kept the Stranger mostly in shadow, sort of downplaying his new look, but not quite bringing back his old one.

I always though Byrne did a pretty good Phantom Stranger, whether it be in Legends or when he teamed-up with Superman around that same time.


Bribaby said...

I didn't know there was a Morgan Le Fay chia pet!

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