Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Underworld Unleashed #3 - Dec. 1995

"Seduction of the Innocent" by Mark Waid, Howard Porter, and Dennis Janke.

Another multi-book crossover "event" and, as usual, The Phantom Stranger can be seen dispensing some supernatural justice with his fellow mages


Unknown said...

You know, I really like Porter's stuff (his JLA work was great). I just wish that he had drawn the Stranger more like his classic look rather than the "new" look. I'm sure it's just me but the new look made me think of the Preacher character from the Poltergiest movies.
Now if Zatanna had been part of the JLA while Porter was drawing it.... :)

Oh, BTW, Rob, liked your Richie Rich article. Good stuff!

Russell said...

Now THIS I remember reading! I must have found my mail "subscription" service by this time, because I remember getting all the crossover titles for this in a huge stack in a box delivered to me in Japan. I think I may still have this somewhere in Japan...!

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