Friday, June 12, 2009

Underworld Unleased: Abyss #1 - Dec. 1995

"Over Dark Evil" by Scott Peterson, Phil Jimenez, J.H. Williams III, John Stokes, and Mick Gray.

Sentinel--aka the Golden Age Green Lantern--goes through all sorts of torment in this issue, both physical and mental. At one point, he heads back to the old JSA headquarters, and someone is waiting for him there
Like we saw yesterday in an issue of Fate, the Stranger teams up with Fate, Sentinel, Zatanna, and, eventually, Deadman, and off they go, ending up at a bar run by... the Stranger's old foe Tannarak!:
...of course, they run into The Spectre and the Demon, as well, which hardly ever makes things better.

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