Monday, June 8, 2009

Hellblazer #94 - Oct. 1995

"The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" by Paul Jenkins, Pat McEwon, and Sean Phillips.

John Constantine
is going through one of his typical bouts of self-loathing and inner turmoil, and of course The Phantom Stranger is there:
...I really like how the Phantom Stranger is drawn here, by Pat McEwon and Sean Phillips. Really moody and effective.


Will K. said...

I've been eagerly anticipating the mention of Critical Mass for awhile now. It's probably my favourite Hellblazer story from my favourite of the regular series writers, Paul Jenkins.

The little touch about the Stranger telling John he was given permission by Dream to be there is cool, too. A nice little thread tying the DC/Vertigo more firmly together (much like the origins of the First of the Fallen and Lucifer from the Guys & Dolls story).

Oh, and the actual use of the Stranger is very effective, too. This is leagues better than any of that Day of Vengeance stuff, in my opinion.

Jacob T. Levy said...

Agreed with Will all around-- this is a terrific scene. I'll also add that I much prefer this Stranger-Constantine interaction to the one we got from Ennis.

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