Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Books of Magic (Vol.2) #6 - Oct. 1994

"Instruments" by John Ney Reiber and Peter Gross..

Where Tim Hunter is, the Trenchcoat Brigade can't be far behind
...oddly, this the Stranger's only appearance in this second Books of Magic series.


Jacob T. Levy said...

I don't have my list with me, but that's not quite true. After JNR left and Gross took over writing, we saw a bunch of alternate-worlds with alternate-Tims, and the Stranger of at least one or two of those worlds appeared.

But yes, it's true, other than the Hellblazer/ BOM two-shot, the Trenchcoat Brigade left Tim on his own for a few years.

Russell said...

I got the trade paperback collection of the first Books of Magic mini-series and then subscribed to this for maybe two years. I *wanted* to like this series, I really did, but all the fairies and British-ness of it just turned me off. Now if PS et al had appeared more often....!

By the by, whatever happened to Tim Hunter?

Jacob T. Levy said...

After suffering way too many losses, he ultimately defeated both his Other and Barbatos with a brilliant plan that required forty years of patience. Then, restored to a 14-year old body and having reclaimed his magic, he retired from magical adventuring and combat and took up a life of reflection. Someday we'll hear from him again.

[While I admire the craftsmanship of the following three books-- Names of Magic/ Age of Magic/ Life During Wartime-- I don't like them very much as developments of the character. Since he's now kind of unusable and will be un-used for the foreseeable future, I'm happy to pretend he fell into disuse at the break between BOM v2 and NOM. The "real" answer is just that we haven't seen hide nor hair of him since the end of Life During Wartime.]

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