Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Scarab #7 - May 1994

"The Power and the Glory" by John Smith, Scot Eaton, and Mike Barreiro.

The Phantom Stranger had previously appeared in Scarab, but his appearance in this issue is merely as background for a flashback
...sometimes its not easy, having a blog about The Phantom Stranger. I bought this whole book for that?


Unknown said...

But we appreciate your efforts Rob!, never forget that.
I maybe wrong as I've never seen this series either but I believe it is the miniseries that created the Scarab character that Geoff Johns used in his JSA run. I thought it was a Johns creation but someone told me there was a mini that was his first apperance. Just what I hear through the old E-grapevine.

Rick Duncan said...

...sometimes its not easy, having a blog about The Phantom Stranger. I bought this whole book for that?Hope you got it cheap. ;)

RC said...

Yeah, it's the same Scarab who later appears in JSA (maybe someone else has picked up the mantle since then? and this was his first appearance. He was kind of a vertigo-style horror-themed hero but not part of the vertigo line, firmly grounded in the DC mainstream. Flashbacks describe him teaming up with Dr. Fate and the golden age GL. I rather liked the mini; it had kind of a Clive Barker feel. I thought it was cool than Johns revived him.

Rob, will you be covering PS's cameos in the Byrne/Claremont X-Men run? Or maybe it was just the one time.

Jacob T. Levy said...

I appreciated that the Johns-Robinson JSA relaunch started out with a full assault on the wall dividing Vertigo from the DCU: they quickly reaffirmed that Sandman Mystery Theater was in the same continuity as the JSA Sandman, and used Kid Eternity and Scarab-- and treated Lyta and Hector's Sandman adventures as (complicated and best-not-thought-about but still real) parts of their histories.

rob! said...


Thanks for the kind words!


I did get this cheap, thankfully. :)


I did cover the PS cameo in X-Men, a few months ago.

RC said...

To quote The Big Lebowski, you're a good man, and thorough!

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