Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fate #5 - March 1995

"Twist of Fate" by Steven Grant, Len Kaminski, Anthony Williams, and Andy Lanning.

Yet another mid-90s DC comic that I never read an issue of, featuring yet another "Extreme!!"-looking variation on a familiar character.

As he is wont to do, The Phantom Stranger visits our main character
...he shows up at the end, too, along with other guest stars Green Lantern, Felix Faust, Bloodwynd.

Its all so very extreme.


Bribaby said...

I believe I bought issue "0" of this. (Do they still do issue "0"s?) Didn't love it, but didn't hate it. Kinda liked the look, what with the ankh symbol over the eye and the big knife and all. Knives are so much more sporting than guns. I think I didn't want this character to replace the good Dr., but to be an adjunct to him (her?). Wouldn't that be something? To have had a "Fate Family"? I really liked Len Kaminski's work on The Creeper, and he was probably good on this.
Sentinel and Bloodwynd et al, sure do look super cool on the cover.

Russell said...

Anybody know what the actual origin of Bloodwynd is/was? I heard he turned out to be the Martian Manhunter....? Anybody know the story of him? Is he an actual character, or what? He certainly did look pretty cool.

Will K. said...

Offhand memory:

Bloodwynd is powered by this Bloodgem thing that was forged by slaves long ago. I think they used it to kill their cruel master, but he wound up being absorbed into the Gem and was a subtle evil influence on it.
The Gem was passed down over time and eventually wound up in Bloodwynd's hands. It granted him powerful magic abilities.
At some point Bloodwynd and the Martian Manhunter came into contact (I think J'onn was drawn to the "voices" of the Gem). The Gem absorbed Bloodwynd into it and brainwashed J'onn into believing he was Bloodwynd.
Blue Beetle eventually found out the truth about Bloodwynd, and I believe he, Booster Gold, and J'onn traveled into the Gem to free the real Bloodwynd

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