Sunday, January 11, 2009

X-Men #125 - Sept. 1980

So what are we doing here, some of you might be wondering. This is The Uncanny X-Men, a Marvel comic book!

This issue's story takes place hip-deep in the classic Claremont/Byrne/Austin era of the book, and this issue's story is called "There's Something Awful on Muir Island!":
This issue deals mostly with the Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix story line, but by the middle of the story we find our way to a faraway planet called "Imperial Center", where the newly-crowned Empress Lilandra is hosting the first state ball of her reign.

Many important dignitaries from various planets are in attendance:

...wait a minute
. Let's look a little closer at the crowd, about in the middle of the panel, behind the big blue guy:

Yes, as you can see, The Phantom Stranger is among the crowd! What's the Stranger doing on another planet, and in a Marvel book yet?

Turns out this little in-joke was the brainchild of inker extraordinaire Terry Austin, who added The Phantom Stranger (as well as Popeye(!), who appears in same shot on the far right) unbeknownst to anyone else at Marvel.

So thanks to the impish mind of Austin, The Phantom Stranger made his debut in a Marvel comic book. And unless I've missed something, I think chronologically that makes The Phantom Stranger the second DC character ever (after Superman, of course) to interact with the Marvel Universe!


wiec? said...

The Stranger is everywhere.
did you happen to check the Solomon Grundy one shot that came out this week? Stranger makes a cameo. (oops #spoiler alert#)
and the grundy is getting a mini series in March. i believe the Stranger will feature prominately.

just an FYI.

rob! said...


i didn't know he was in the Grundy one-shot. thanks for the heads-up!

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