Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Saga of The Swamp Thing #8 - Dec. 1982

The Phantom Stranger in "If The Sword Should Slay The Dove"!

Part two of the Amanda Dove story, last issue ended with The Phantom Stranger agreeing to accompany Amanda into the recesses of her memory, in an attempy to deal with the ghosts that are haunting her, and her task of...ending a war?

This current war is being waged by General John Whitman, the reincarnation of Amanda's first lover:

The Stranger and Amanda head to San Jacinto, where they make their way to the base camp run by Whitman.

Of course, he has no time for this weird guy and his companion, but the Stranger helps him remember:
Later, in the heart of the jungle, we see the band of rebels that are fighting the Americans. The Stranger is there, too, and renders their ammo useless with just the wave of his hand. He warns their leader, a man named Domingo, that he has "Pitted nation against nation long enough."

Soon, the Army attacks, and as the rebels fight, Domingo sees their going to lose and tries to escape. But the Army is there, and they arrest him.

Seems like the end of the story, but there's one last act:

Wow, kind of a grim ending--sure, Amanda and her love are together always, but still!

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