Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Saga of The Swamp Thing #9 - Jan. 1983

The Phantom Stranger in "Sanctuary of Shadow"!

Mike W. Barr is gone from The Phantom Stranger strip, replaced by Joey Cavalieri, with Fred Carrillo still on the art:

With the church's pastor now dead, the already-withering group of parishioners dwindles so low that St. Sebastian's is to be closed.

A few days later, as the construction crew gets ready to tear the church down, a hurricane-force wind nearly blows their wrecking ball over.

Most of the workers get spooked, and walk off the job:
The Stranger saves the foreman from being crushed by the statue, but warns him of the evil spirits afoot.

He thinks this is all nonsense, and ignores the Stranger. He heads for the church's balcony to look for who tried to kill him, but all he finds is The Phantom Stranger waiting there for him.

Well, that's not everything he finds:

To be continued!

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