Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Justice League of America #157 - Aug. 1978

The Phantom Stranger makes another appearance with the Justice League!

The Phantom Stranger hung around at the end of last issue, as Ray Palmer debated telling his fiancee Jean Loring that he is The Atom. So let's see what happens next, in "Till Doom Do Us Part!", courtesy Gerry Conway, Dick Dillin, Juan Ortiz (proving the uber-rare fill-in for Dillin, who only drew the intro and epilogue) and Frank McLaughlin:


We open on the curvaceous Siren, who commands a whole team of male slaves as she declares war on the Justice League!

Meanwhile, Ray Palmer does what he's been debating over the last few issues, whether to tell his fiancee Jean Loring whether he is the Atom. He does, and Jean's mad at Ray's keeping secrets, and storms off.

At the same time, the JLA are in the satellite wrapping wedding presents. Black Canary is showing off her gift, a skimpy negligee, which Wonder Woman seems dubious about (Green Arrow = Happy, Steve Trevor = Sad).

Anyway, the festivities are interrupted when the Phantom Stranger shows up again:

He warns that the Gods the JLA fought last issue ("The Fiend with Five Faces!") are not as vanquished as they thought. One of them created an illusion of themselves to fool the heroes (and the other Gods) and is still on Earth.

Some of the JLA encounter the Siren's goons, while Green Lantern and Red Tornado find The Siren herself. Who, via a magic kids, gets Green Lantern to become her slave!

She then gets GL to take her to the JLA satellite, where she uses her powers to hypnotize all the men, who she convinces to attack the women JLAers, plus guest-star Supergirl!

They fight for a while, but Supergirl is able to break through the mind control of Superman, because of his deep love for his cousin. That enabled the rest of the JLA to be freed, and its Kara and Black Canary who knock Siren out with a good shot right in the, er, kisser.
The Epilogue is Ray and Jean's wedding. Jean does show up, forgiving Ray for keeping such a secret. So let's go get hitched!:

sg it's smooth sailing for the Palmers from here on in, right?

It's generous as heck for the Palmers to invite The Phantom Stranger to their wedding, and surprising he attended--he's there between Oliver Queen and Sue Dibny. I wonder what his wedding gift was?


Anonymous said...

My guess is that Ray didn't actually invite The Phantom Stranger at all; PS just decided to show up, uninvited. And I'm sure he ditched the reception without leaving a gift. :-)

BTW, Phantom Stranger stopped hanging out with the JLA after Zatanna joined, didn't he? I don't remember him showing up here again after she joined the mass.

Daniel said...

The Phantom Stranger...he's there between Oliver Queen and Sue Dibny.

Dude, take off your hat, you're in a church.

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