Friday, January 23, 2009

Saga of The Swamp Thing #4 - Aug. 1982

The Phantom Stranger in "Hospital of Fear"!

Some changes are brought with this Phantom Stranger installment, as Dan Spiegle is replaced by Tony DeZuniga (who drew the Stranger once before, in Phantom Stranger #18). Also, after a few issues where the Stranger was sort of "hosting" other people's tales of woe, this one involves him directly:

After a car accident, a female patient is brought in for emergency surgery, and a surgeon named Dr. Rune is called in.

As we see rather quickly, Dr. Rune has some bizarre ways of practicing medicine:

After Dr. Rune heads back to his office, we see the woman suddenly wake up, get out of bed, and wander out into the hospital's hallway.

She's in a zombie-like trance, and after she is oblivious to another doctor's come on, he tells her to go take a flying leap. This advice she takes literally, and she climbs out onto a ledge, and jumps!

The Phantom Stranger arrives in time to catch her, and he returns the woman to the hospital, where Dr. Rune is waiting. The Phantom Stranger, spotting Rune's medallion, asks where he got it.

Rune blows the Stranger off, and when he asks some orderlies to escort this strange man out, he disappears.

Later, in Rune's office, we see him talking to a familiar face:
Meanwhile, The Phantom Stranger is following a mystic trail, which leads him to the operating room. He casts a spell to flood the room with light, but he is then attacked by a giant demon, which grabs the Stranger by the neck, knocking him out!

Later, the Stranger wakes up in the clutches of an old "friend":

To be continued!

Like I said, this installment of The Phantom Stranger is very different from the previous ones, even though it was written by the same writer, Mike W. Barr. A different artist, an appearance by one of the Stranger's foes, and a continued story, to boot. Be here tomorrow to see the conclusion!

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Anonymous said...

Yay! I like the stories where the Stranger is at the center of the ak-shun.
The third panel on the last page of the story, showing T's face in semi-shadow, is really well-done.

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