Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Phantom Stranger by Hembeck - 1979

Around this time in DC's publishing history, Fred Hembeck was doing regular Dateline strips for their "Daily Planet" feature page.

I never saw these two strips starring The Phantom Stranger in any of the comics I bought, but I did find them over at the superb Hembeck Files site, so I thought they deserved to be included here.

Interesting that Fred uses the same comedic premise for both strips--that the Stranger is quite the ladies man!

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Luis said...

I sure miss Hembeck, his strips were classic! I don't recall these ones with The Phantom Stranger, however. As far as The Stranger being a ladies man, I don't doubt it, since as ZZ Top says: "the women go crazy for a sharp dressed man."

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