Monday, January 12, 2009

DC Special Series #21 - April 1980

The stars of the DC Universe celebrate Christmas!

DC Comics has a long history of doing Christmas-themed special issues, and this one had a particularly esoteric line-up: Batman, Jonah Hex, Sgt. Rock, The Legion of Superheroes, and The House of Mystery!

How does a house celebrate a holiday, you ask? Well, let's see, in a story courtesy Bob Rozakis, Romeo Tanghal, and Dan Adkins:

The various denizens of DC's horror books are all together, celebrating the holiday(!) and sharing stories, of course.

The three witches tell a story of a young woman and her children lost in life raft (on Christmas!), and they use what they think is a lighthouse to guide them to shore:
Cain then tells a story about a miserly jeweler who learns a lesson from an unusual, pot-bellied client, and then Destiny, host of Secrets of Haunted House, tells a Christmas story set in space:
Then the get-together turns into a melee, as the various hosts argue over whose story was better.

Thankfully, a more dignified gentleman is also there to straighten everyone out:
...Merry Christmas everyone!

I like that The Phantom Stranger shows up with Madame Xanadu. Considering their shared interests (and Madame Xandau isn't exactly hard on the eyes), I think they make a great couple.


Anonymous said...

In the 2nd Nail graphic novel, the Stranger refers to Xanadu as his "sister", though it's left to the reader to decide whether the term is figurative or literal.
I've always wondered if there was any kind of precedent for a familial relationship between the two in the regular DCU canon. Personally, I think THAT'S a rather intriguing idea.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing this on the newsstand once and not having enough money to buy it, and then the next week it was gone. As a big fan of the Legion, I always wanted to have this. (sigh)

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