Friday, December 26, 2008

Wonder Woman (Vol.1) #222 - March 1976

The final Trial of Wonder Woman!

The Phantom Stranger's first post-cancellation appearance in the DCU was in Wonder Woman, just as that book was wrapping up its "12 Labors of Wonder Woman" storyline.

Batman narrates the last labor, in a story called "Will The Real Wonder Woman Please...Drop Dead!" by Martin Pasko, Jose Delbo, and Tex Blaisdell:

From this point on, Batman relates the story of Wonder Woman battling a duplicate of herself in an amusement park.

At the end of the story, its time to vote, and that's when The Phantom Stranger shows up
Boy, the Stranger is mercurial, isn't he? He keeps ditching out on the JLA when they need to ask him a question, but here he actually bothers to show up and vote Wonder Woman back in. What a swell--if mysterious--fella!

Notes on the Process: As we'll see down the line, The Phantom Stranger made a lot of appearances that are barely more than one or two panels in the entire book. When that happens, like here, I won't be getting into the details of the story, rather I'll just be concentrating on the moment(s) the Stranger enters and/or effects the story.

I think he would want it that way.


Anonymous said...

This blog is yielding unexpected rewards. With the Stranger being the kind of character who can pop up almost anywhere, and since his appearances are being dealt with chronologically, we're also getting a cursory overview of DCU history.

Anonymous said...

I always wonder when I re-read this series of tales...where are Aquaman and Red Tornado during all this??!!


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