Friday, December 19, 2008

Amazing World of DC Comics #6 - May 1975

DC's in-house fanzine, The Amazing World of DC Comics, was up and running during this time, and the sixth issue featured a long interview and feature article about Phantom Stranger editor Joe Orlando.

The Stranger comes up at one point:
Sadly, the legendary Joe Orlando passed away in 1998. No one creator had as much control over The Phantom Stranger as Orlando did, and we can thank him for all the creative highlights the character had until his tenure as editor.

And, luckily for us, Artist Joe Orlando got a crack at The Phantom Stranger, many years later, as we'll eventually see...

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Anonymous said...

The Amazing World of DC Comics!
Cool. I only had two or three of these as a kid, so it's nice to get a peek into this rare find.
Interesting to learn that even when PS was mostly reprint material it was considered a very difficult assignment for writers, and that it was always a "borderline proposition." I guess we should be glad that it hung around as long as it did.

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