Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Justice League of America #146 - Sept. 1977

The Phantom Stranger finishes up his adventure with the Justice League!

Having helped defeat Count Crystal and save Superman, the Stranger is among the other JLAers when an old friend returns--The Red Tornado!:


Red Tornado has miraculously returned, but with no memory of what happened to him since he seemingly died(in JLA #129).

The Stranger tries to peer inside Reddy's "soul" to discover who's really in there, but he can't divine anything. The JLA is suspicious, and Superman asks Reddy some questions only he would know. When that trips him up, he suddenly attacks the JLA, with a voice not his own, but one they recognize as...The Construct!

As the JLA decides to go after the real Construct, Hawkman moves to have eternal guest-star Hawkgirl made an official member! Superman puts up an argument, but the Phantom Stranger advises to table the discussion for the moment, in a rare moment where the Stranger acknowledges he is, in fact, a JLA member:

The Stranger is gone from the story at this point, as the JLA takes on The Construct.

Eventually, Red Tornado's true identity is confirmed, and he and Hawkgirl are added (or re-added, in Reddy's case) to the Justice League

The Phantom Stranger may have not been around for the vote, but he wouldn't be gone for long!

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