Sunday, December 28, 2008

Limited Collectors' Edition #C46 - 1976

The JLA got its own treasury-sized edition of DC's Limited Collectors Edition series, featuring reprints of two classic JLA tales.

Like almost all of DC's treasuries, there were added features to make the books extra special, and this book is no exception. In addition to some way-cool Alex Toth model sheets for the Super Friends cartoon show, there's a 2-page pin-up of the JLA throwing a shindig at the satellite, drawn by Terry Austin and Dick Giordano.

And as you can see, The Phantom Stranger makes an appearance:
(click to see a bigger, more festive version)

There's also a key to all the characters, and PS is described thusly:
...I like how most of the characters personality traits are indicated in the pin-up, even in the context of a party. Batman is planning stuff, Red Tornado is helping out, Green Arrow and Metamorpho are what looks like telling tall tales, and, of course, The Phantom Stranger is alone.


Anonymous said...

Rob! This is a sweet, sweet blog. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I always loved this "photo." If they had only included Hawkgirl, I would have been in seventh heaven.

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