Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Phantom Stranger #39 - Nov. 1975

The return of Deadman in "Death Calls Twice For A Deadman"!

After his guest-appearance in The Phantom Stranger #33, Deadman makes a return appearance, one that would turn into a more-or-less permanent spot as the series winds up its run.

The Phantom Stranger opens the issue (again by Paul Levitz and Fred Carrillo) giving us a recap of the Deadman's origins:

The Sensei continues relating Deadman's story, and how it ended with Deadman and Batman foiling the Sensei's invasion of Nanda Parbat.

To settle The Sensei's debt, he must reclaim his honor by killing Deadman! He also tells Cleveland Brand (whom The Sensei thinks is Deadman) that his two friends--accidentally caught up in the machine's ray--must die also, since no one can leave his sanctuary alive!

After quickly dispatching the strongman, The Phantom Stranger gets involved:

The Phantom Stranger battles the Sensei with his magic powers, and the Sensei finds himself outmatched. Since the Stranger has won, he allows Deadman and his friends to leave his sanctuary.

But as he leaves, he throws his staff at his machine, causing it to explode, triggering a security device that fills the room with gas and begins to collapse the roof!

The Stranger uses his powers again to help them escape:


Be here next issue to see The Phantom Stranger and his new unofficial partner, Deadman, and the return of an old friend!


Unknown said...

You know, Sensei really reminds me of an old Bat Villain Dr. Tzin-Tzin (I maybe misspelling that). Wonder if it was the same and he pulled a super villain survival out of this?

Anonymous said...

And here's yet another mystery for the Stranger: what about the fat, middle-aged businessman Boston Brand borrowed to get to Hong Kong?
It looks like after Deadman vacated the premises, he just keeled over from a heart attack caused by all the exertion.
Are they just gonna leave him there, on some godforsaken, desolate mountain? Who's gonna avenge HIM?

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