Monday, December 29, 2008

Justice League of America #139 - Feb. 1977

The Phantom Stranger returns to team-up with the JLA!

After his solo book was cancelled, The Phantom Stranger was homeless. Luckily for him, longtime Marvel scribe Steve Englehart was just beginning his superb run on Justice League of America, and under Englehart the Stranger would make more appearances in the book than he had before or since.

His debut under Englehart was in the second story of this issue, Englehart's first as JLA writer:


The JLA arrives in Ecuador, where the country is victim to a sudden mysterious ice age!

While the JLA is saving lives, they're not doing anything to stop the brutal freeze, until they hear about three super-villains--Captain Cold, The Icicle, and (don't laugh) Minister Blizzard--are on a crime spree! Flash doesn't want the team to stop what they're doing, when Wonder Woman chastises him for not realizing the two events must be related.

The JLAers stop the villains, but that doesn't seem to change anything. Then Hawkman realizes that its his old foe, The Shadow Thief, who is behind the plot. They confront him, and he almost gets away, until a stranger shows up to stop him:

Meanwhile, in Ecuador, the ice age has stopped. Is it because of the villains being stopped, or is it...a miracle?


Richard said...

I liked that story a lot, but the appearance by the Stranger struck me as inappropriate. He came off much better the next time Englehart used him in JLA...

Anonymous said...

"...more on Wonder Woman's strange snappishness!"
You wouldn't see that kind of teaser today. I have fond memories of Englehart's JLA tenure as well.

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