Thursday, October 22, 2009

PS P.S.: Justice League of America #103: Autographed Edition

Yes, that is the Len Wein's signature on the cover to Justice League of America #103, The Phantom Stranger's first guest appearance in the book!

This was obtained for me by Fantom Stranger Russell Burbage, who spends almost as much time finding cool stuff for my blogs as I do. He met the estimable Mr. Wein at the recent Mid-Ohio Comic Con, and got him to autograph this very appropriate book. Thanks Russell!


RC said...

I love this cover. The bright colors of the costumes against the gloomy graveyard background, the way the shadowy Stranger's cloak billows out of the panel, the unnecessary roll call on the left side (I mean, each of those heroes also appears in the main image), the dumbfounded looks on the JLAers' faces...just great.

Russell said...

I love this cover, too. Nick Cardy was great at drawing most of the DCU.

I told Rob when I sent this that I had tried to find a copy of JLA 110 for Len to sign (one of Rob's favorite JLA stories) but I think this one works better, not only because the cover is better (JLA 110 is all-black with a dead Santa on it) but also because THIS is the issue that started the Stranger's guest-starring in JLA.

..and lastly, Hooray for me! I was made a Fantom Stranger. I'm bursting with pride. :-)Thanks for all you do, Rob.

RC said...

And with Len actually appearing in the issue, it's even more appropriate! Very cool.

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