Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Brave and The Bold (Vol.2) #19 - Jan. 2009

"Without Sin Part One" by David Hine, Doug Braithwaite, and Bill Reinhold.

After appearing a number of times as Batman's team-up partner in the original Brave and the Bold, The Phantom Stranger makes his debut in the new version, this time teaming up with former Spectre Hal Jordan, once again Green Lantern:
The Stranger and Green Lantern are called to visit a young girl who was the result of some improper genetic testing on humans.

The Stranger says a "form of magick never seen before" is emanating from the hospital this young girl (and others like her) are forced to live in, but of course that's just the tip of the magical iceberg:
To be continued!


Russell said...

Totally NOT a Doug Braithwaite fan. Bleh.

bmpharmacy said...

Green Lantern is for me the best super hero because he not only uses his powers but also he uses his brain to help people and save the planet to terrible situations.

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