Saturday, October 17, 2009

Back Issue! #36 - Oct. 2009

This issue of TwoMorrows' Back Issue! is, as the cover suggests, all about monsters.

But the magazine also found room for a whole article about everyone's favorite killjoy, Dr. Terrance Thirteen!
The Phantom Stranger is, naturally, mentioned all over the place in this piece, and it features interviews with PS scribes Mike Friedrich, Len Wein, and others. An interesting look back at an unusual character!

...and with that, I Am The Phantom Stranger is finally caught up with all the appearances DC's ultimate man of mystery has made, both in and out of DC's books. It's been a long trip--over a year, chronicling every single appearance of the Stranger!

But, try as I did not to, I did manage to miss a couple things during my attempt at an air-tight chronology, so we'll be spending the last few days of IATPS on those items I missed! Be here!

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