Friday, October 9, 2009

Justice League of America (Vol.2) #29 - March 2009

"Star Struck!" by Len Wein, Chris Cross, and Rob Stull.

What a treat, having Len Wein writing the JLA again!

In a "twice-told tale from the JLA Casebook", we see the JLA square off against the cosmic vampire known as Starbreaker.

Starbreaker's lurch towards Earth was noticed by a select few, including a certain Stranger writer Wein has a lot of familiarity with:

Unfortunately, that's it for the Stranger in this issue, but nice to have him even for a cameo in this old-school JLA adventure!

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If we talk about the perfect face of evil, without doubts Starbreaker is the chosen one, simply cos his appearance is really spooky.

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