Tuesday, October 27, 2009

PS P.S.: DC Universe: Trail of Time - 2007

Fantom Stranger MW Gallaher, like a Governor from some 1940s crime movie, granted IATPS a stay of execution for 24 hours, since he pointed an item out that should--nay, needed--to be included on the blog before it signed off. Thanks MW!

This was one of the half-dozen or so of "DC Universe" prose novels that hit bookstore shelves in the middle part of the decade. And, even though he isn't on the cover (drat!), this story features a major appearance by The Phantom Stranger!

It involves a nefarious (aren't they all?) plot by Felix Faust, Mordru, and Vandal Savage which gets the attention of the Stranger and Etrigan the Demon. They in turn get Superman in on it, and even some of DC's western heroes make an appearance. Sounds like a fun book!


RC said...

very cool. I wish I could come up with something to add to the blog, but...I got nothin'.

Looking back at his history, one thing that's kind of surprised me, is that the PS never turned up in any issue of the Legion of Superheroes, particularly those involving the sorcerer's world. As one of the few characters who's been in print long enough, and long lived enough, you'd think somebody would have used him there over the years.

Unless...could he have grown a mustache and become R.J. Brande?

Russell said...

No, RJ Brande was a Durlan. He was made Chameleon Boy's father in one of the dumber characterization bits DC did in the 80s.

Although I seem to recall seeing the Phantom Stranger in one of those old crowd scenes in the LSH...!Maybe it was just Martian Manhunter.

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