Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Welcome Back To The House of Mystery #1 - July 1998

In this collection of classic tales from The House of Mystery, we see a version of the Stranger that no one would've expected: The Phantom Stranger via...Sergio Aragones!:
...unfortunately, that's it for the Stranger in this book, but this one page is delightful nonetheless.

This book is a superb collection of some of the best HOM material, add the framing story by Neil Gaiman and Aragones, and you've got one great little book!


MWGallaher said...

With this and the Kingdom Come spinoffs, we finally see the traditional costume beginning to make its comeback. I know there's more trenchcoat yet to come, but one thing I'm interested in throughout this blog's retrospective is seeing how this (in my opinion) poor character design revision was ultimately reversed, for, apparently, good.

RC said...

Count my vote in favor of the more contemporary look. Though I have affection for his 70s-era getup, it just seems too flashy and costumey for him to be walking around in these days. Especially for a character who likes to keep a low profile. Also, plain hat and trench coat is truer to his earliest appearances. Makes me wonder, though, what he wore in previous eras. Or did he peer into the future and emulate that look from the beginning?

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