Friday, July 24, 2009

The Books of Magic (Vol.2) Annual #1 - 1999

"A Thousand Deaths of Timothy Hunter" by Peter Gross, Kelley Jones, and more!

This story features many different versions of Tim Hunter, and in a sequence drawn by Phil Jimenez, we get a brief glimpse of that alternate-world Phantom Stranger, the one that appeared in Doom Patrol #53:
I really like the look of this more Kirby-ish Phantom Stranger, too bad he didn't appear more!


Will K. said...

There's always a chance. Especially now, with all the multiverse stuff DC's doing.

Bribaby said...

I second your emotion.
And that Hellblazer costume rocks, too.

Phantom Stranger said...

Alternate versions are always fun to see as a change from the status quo.

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